The Rise & Rise of Apprenticeships!

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As student debt, continues to spiral out of control for many, it is refreshing to see an upsurge in Apprenticeships once again.  As commented by many in the HR Press recently, McDonalds as one of the largest providers of Apprenticeships is celebrating National Apprenticeship week with it’s 3000th award,   but other significant players in this field are British Airways, KPMG, ASDA, Morrison’s, British Gas and many more.  Further to this, the government have pledged £1.4bn and a promise of 400,000 places by 2014! For Recruiters this comes as very refreshing news, as it will undoubtedly raise the bar and perhaps alter the face of Generation Y???

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  1. Mikhail

    The Australian apprenticeship prmgramoe is heavily subsidised by Government, providing employers and Group Training Companies with incentives; in addition to funding associated training costs. Government incentives can assist in reducing some wage associated costs, including training downtime for employers and, if applied in an ethical manner, can reward good employer behaviour. And that is one of the two essential differences the other being the content of the prmgramoe is driven by the needs of industry, not the needs of the education sector or the Govt Depts.Do you see any requirement for the employer to pay a fee to cover the costs of training? No, neither do I.

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