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This is something we are seeing more and more in the HR market – mismatched job titles and expectations. Here’s why clarity is key:

When searching for talent, clarity trumps creativity. Get straight to the point with job titles. Your perfect hire is out there scanning for their exact match, not a cryptic challenge. Sometimes use a different job title for the external market to the one which is being used internally within the business.

For example are you really recruiting an HR Business Partner at £40,000? This is probably an HR Advisor role and you’ll be attracting the wrong type of candidate with a HR Business Partner title. It may sound more attractive, but the level is way off at £40,000. Just keep it simple and ensure everyone’s expectations are managed from the outset. These are some of the reasons why it is so important:

1️⃣ Precise titles mirror industry standards. Candidates search for roles they know. Using familiar titles boosts your visibility in a crowded job market.

2️⃣ It sets clear expectations. Candidates should know instantly if the role fits their skills and experience. Save everyone’s time by being upfront.

3️⃣ It enhances the candidate experience. Trust begins with transparency. Show applicants respect with a straightforward approach, and they’ll return the favour with genuine interest.

So to conclude, when in doubt, keep it simple and accurate. The right candidate is just a clear, concise job title away.

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