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As we all know it is still a very competitive job market out there so, it is essential to understand that the competitive nature of today’s job market requires a distinctive personal brand. Here are some pointers if you are seeking your next HR role:

Tailor your CV to the specific role you are applying for. Ensure every sentence demonstrates your suitability for the opportunity at hand. Your goal is not to just fit in but stand apart from the competition in terms of demonstrating your skills and experience.

Frame your professional experience so that it highlights your competencies and accomplishments. It’s no good just listing your previous responsibilities. It needs to be written in a way to help your potential employers understand why you are the exceptional candidate they seek.

Maintain professional development in your career and if you are currently between roles, look for courses (job and non-job related) which enable continuous development. Apply for courses, secure certifications, and even carry out small projects which add to your personal brand. These “add-ons” will help set you apart and act as a good conversation piece at interview stage.

Your individuality, coupled with a targeted and resolute approach, is what creates an unmatched candidate profile. Your genuine persona, coupled with passion and personal drive, is so important in the current employment landscape.

Looking for a new role is like conducting a full-time job and can even be more emotional sapping. In times where it is so easy to apply online for roles, be disciplined in your job search and seek out a role that resonates with your professional views and beliefs. Authenticity is key.

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