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  • Brand ‘You’ – The value of values – by Barbara Babcock

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    In the last blog I wrote about developing your personal brand, which essentially is all about self-awareness, and as part of that, promised to look at values in this blog. So why look at values? Some people may think it is navel gazing. Others say, ‘I’m just not that reflective.’ (They are self-reflective enough to…

  • Brand ‘You’ – by Barbara Babcock

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    “I’ve learned that trying to be like someone else, because of a perceived advantage, doesn’t work in any part of life, least of all in business. There is no room for imposters in any part of a successful enterprise.” Carrie Hindmarsh, CEO of M&C Saatchi Group’s advertising agency1 I like this quote as it encourages…

  • Two weeks on…….. – by Sue Sjuve

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    It is two weeks since I left corporate life! Perhaps I am still in the honeymoon period but I certainly feel life is grand! There is nothing wrong with corporate life, but having lived it for thirty years and in the final third of my working life, a change seemed like a good idea, and…

  • Hidden Talent – by Barbara Babcock

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    There is a new programme on Channel 4, Tuesday night at 9pm, called ‘Hidden Talent’. The idea of the programme is ‘helping people to unlock their previously hidden talents and skills’. It opens with the presenter saying, ‘Finding your hidden talent and see where it can take you… It’s never too late to find out……

  • Mazes, Mexicans and your business – by Sue Sjuve

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    Do you remember those visual games we used to play as kids? Photograph something from an unusual angle and get your friends to identify it? My favourite was this one. It’s a Mexican riding a bicycle! – seen from above! Of course if we looked at it from the side we would all immediately know…

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