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Counter offers can be tempting, but it’s important to consider the consequences of accepting one.
Here’s some reasons why you shouldn’t accept a counter offer:

1. A counter offer usually only happens when you’ve already accepted another job. This could damage your reputation and your relationship with your current employer and they will still question your longer-term commitment.

2. A counter offer is often simply a short-term solution. Your employer may not be able to meet your expectations in the long run. Always remember the push factors as to why you were looking for a role in the first place.

3. Sometimes it’s unlikely to be financially beneficial in the long term. If you’ve negotiated a better package elsewhere, you could be missing out. Your current employer will only meet or slightly exceed the offer to keep you onboard, which will probably mean very little progression in salary over the following year or two.

4. Why didn’t your current employer ever value you at the same financial value as other potential employers in the market. It begs the question as to what they really see your value worth.

Either way, always remember, it’s your career and you should make decisions that are right for you.

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